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psychedelic dog designer

Hi, my name is Ariel Barrios, a front-end designer / developer based in Argentina. Through these years in order to give life to my designs (UI / UX / Visual) or ideas; I have acquired knowledge in differents technologies and frameworks; to name a few: java (android), ios, ruby and rails, vuejs, wordpress, etc. It mainly depends on project requirements. I also acquired skills related to animations (AE) and video editing (PR) for the creation of advertisements (banners and publications on social networks) or explanatory videos, also SEO where part of my responsibility.

I worked in differents agencies such as: &, ID4You and many others in Argentina and abroad.

Latley to expand my knolege I have programming Arduino projects, 3D Printing and 3d projects in blender, PWA for timing rounds, exploring videogames making (Unity) or my own Drawing App or this very background(Processing )